Friday, July 6, 2007

Discovering Malaysia

Dinner at the Le Meridien at KLCC. Look carefully, and there's a giant PRAWN in my noodles. We got in late at around 1130, but the service staff at the restaurant ushered us in and never rushed us. The food awesome, the ambience was quiet, and the service was attentive.

Half way to KL on our Executive Coach, which we caught from Great World City. Alot more greenery than in Singapore. Definitely uplifted our spirits to see so much greenery, even though much of it is cultivated plantations. Too bad the forests had to be cut down. We saw alot more of Malaysia this way than flying, though the journey was about 4 hrs long. Definitely recommend Executive Coach if you're going to take the bus. Price was about SGD48/person, and they throw in lunch and tea along the way.

Wow. Kuala Lumpur has changed over the last 15 years. We're riding the train from KL Convention Center (KLCC) to the Airport on our way back to Singapore. Highly recommend staying at the Le Meridien which is only 15 minutes walk to the station.

Suzanne Jeffares Blog: Day 5 in Thailand

Suzanne Jeffares Blog: Day 5

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Any recommendations from Locals on Where's Cool to Visit?

Hi all,

I'm returning to my roots in Asia, and am looking for advice and recommendations on where's cool to visit in Asia and complete my cultural immersion in the next 2 years. Trying to stay away from the tourist spots so I can see how local folks live, their daily rhythms, and spontaneity.

Any advice from folks in different countries will be great. My wife calls me Mr Anthropology as I like to observe people and their interactions.

By the way, I notice there aren't travelogue websites in Asia with recommendations, and photo shows? Why is that? Do travelers in Asia not like to share their experiences about their discoveries, recommend where to eat in Penang, where to find great HomeStays in NZ? What would it take to rally the folks to share more openly?

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